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Only search this website. Correct ITEM # or Terms be used for exact match results
Only search this website. Correct ITEM # or Terms be used for exact match results

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We have changed our phone and fax number.   
New Phone: (323) 510-8487
New Fax: (323) 510-8489

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Strip Eyelashes(with Plastic Case)
Strip Eyelashes(CREME)
Strip Eyelashes(miss Adoro)
Strip Eyelashes(Synthetic)
Strip Eyelashes(Color)
Strip Eyelashes(Glamorous)
Strip Eyelashes(Glowing)
Strip Eyelashes(Polished Tip)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 100)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 24)
Individual Eyelashes(Pack of 12)
Individual Eyelashes-Color(Pack of 100)
Individual Eyelashes-Color(Pack of 12)
Individual Eyelashes (with Plastic Case)
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Let be your core business partner to the beauty supplies, eyelash supplies, and hair fashion accessories industry.
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Since 2008

Allied Trading has been providing

the reliable affordable false eyelashes

to the creative beauty professionals.

News & Promotion at Allied Trading
★★ Special Promotion on Synthetic Strip Eyelashes!
--SPECIAL Sale Price $38.00 a carton box. 100 pairs in a carton box. Supplies are limited. For more information, Visit this page  Any question or inquiry, contact us   (323) 510-8487 (323) 510-8489
#FALSE #EYELASHES #EXTENSIONS #FASHION #HAIR #COSTUME #ACCESSORIES #JEWELRY  "Swarovski" is a registered trademark of Swarovski AG.

False eyelashes, human hair, Hand-tied, 100 pack, packed in bulk

False eyelashes, human hair, Hand-tied, 24 pack, packed in bulk

Brown color fake eyelashes, wispy lashes, human hair, Hand-tied, 100 pack, packed in bulk

 BEFM05 Individual flare eyelash extension. Medium. 60 lashes in a tray
Individual cluster eyelashes, knotted flare,
60 individual lashes in a tray, 100 pack, packed in bulk

Knotted flare medium triplet, 3 times faster, 90 individual lashes in each tray, 100 pack, Packed in bulk

BEC12 Party Lashes, Eyelash Distributor, Allied Trading, Los Angeles
Color eyelashes, glamorous eyelashes, party lashes, 6 pack, sold in 6 pack quantities.

Eyelash cases, 
Hand-tied, It doesn't includ eyelashes, 480 pack, packed in bulk

Color: Crystal
stud earrings,
Approx. 15mm in diameter with post closure, Made in USA
ARC66 Swarovski Clip-On Earrings
Color: Black Diamond
stud earrings,
Approx. 20mm in diameter with post closure, Made in USA
Clip-on earrings 
Color: Crystal
clip earrings,

Approx. 11mm in diameter, Made in USA
Austrian crystal illusion toe rings, Variety styles & colors, Elastic invisible bands

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Designed with Swarovski crystal hair forks, hair picks, two prong hair sticks

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